Tuesday, 4 December 2012

end of school life.

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah I am now officially an ex-student. My school days ended magnificently where I was the second last person (I mean girl) to leave our college hostel. Basically, I am happy. Tersangat happy that I dont have to bergulung gumpal dengan buku-buku subjek yang tidak diminati lagi. I tak minat Science and Maths subjects for sure. Tapi kan, waktu exam paper PSV, which was the last paper for our college, and which was taken by the eleven of us (only!), I kalao boleh nak stopkan masa. Kenapa? I DONT WANNA LEAVE COLLEGE. Sayu dan sedih nak tinggalkan maktab. Maktab yang telah banyak memberi ilmu. Menabur jasa. Dan seangkatan dengannya.

When I was walking after saying my farewell to kawan-kawan seni (future architects and designers), I smiled. I was smiling that I felt free. Free from anything. And at the same time, I felt something deep inside me.

'Ara, you have to contribute for your college one fine day. Even though you didnt really like your life here, you have to stay responsible towards your college.'

InsyaAllah, I will. Bila terpandang bas maktab yang megah di bawah bumbung, siap dengan nama maktab, oh ya Allah, baru harini rasa bangga yang amat sangat because I am a MRSM student. One of the selected students. My heart pounded rapidly on my way back to hostel from dewan. WHY? I am afraid, I can't contribute for college in the future. No! From the bottom of my heart, I will, with Allah will.

So this is the end of my school life. The really end.