Tuesday, 27 November 2012

counting to leave.

Hye. I'm having my merdeka tahap pertama. Feeling damn happy sebab dah lepas papers yang memerlukan pelbagai cara pemikiran yang kritis, selektif dan genius. Haha. But also feeling so lonely that everyone is leaving college. MARA Junior Science College Tumpat. A place where memories are being cherished. A place where thousands of memories are created by those whom we call friends. Best friends.

Sedihnya bila masuk bilik, katil-katil dah tak berbalot dengan cadar maroon. Sedih lagi bila masuk bilik, no one is inside. Everyone is leaving. Leaving for future life where we would never get together again, united as before. I may get to see some of you guys and girls, but it's going to be different, don't you see? We would never be in college anymore. Wearing those beige and blue uniforms. Pakai tudung sekolah dengan penuh comot. Pakai kain sekolah yang senget sebelah. Haha. Rindunya zaman duduk kat kelas, laughing for every single nasty stupid thing we did.

I bet ramai yang sangat sedih nak tinggalkan our hostel life. Tak kira boys or girls. Most of us would be. Tipulah kalau cakap we are damn happy sampaikan tak sedih even sikit pun. I'm having the same feeling. Wah seronoknya! Tapi alahai sedih kott. A simple thing to say, I tak menyesal pindah ke sini. I tak menyesal walaupun I had to endure a very difficult life in hostel. Yeah, memang mengerikan tapi with the helps from best friends, semua nampak macam smooth je. I love you guys and girls so much. I dont wanna leave what I have in my memory, here, in Tumpat. I wanna bring everything with me. I wanna bring you and you and you and you to all places that I would go, in the future.

Dear teachers and friends of MRSM Tumpat,
My name is Norsyahirah binti Ghani. I just wanna thank all of you that I am now a person. A very different person than before. I learnt a lot about life eventhough I only spent almost two years in Tumpat. Living in Tumpat really taught me how to face problems. How to deal with things. I never realized that I would leave my school life in Tumpat. When I first entered Tumpat, I tak terfikir pun I would end my zaman persekolahan di sini. Tumpat. And now, I am here. Having my second last day, alone, maybe. Greatest joy I had here. With all those beautiful and sad memories, I think I sangat sayangkan our college. Our college. In my heart. 

Batch of Felix Exitus 1112
MARA Junior Science College Tumpat.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

the special one.

assalamualaikum. this is my essay, from my TRIAL MARA 2012 examination. i would like to share this English essay with you guys, who'd like to have some idea in developing your own story :)


The Special One.

I could not believe my eyes. There he was, standing in front of me while wearing a black French coat. He had a tight-faded jeans, exposing his great sense in fashion. I turned to Alia who stood beside me, trying to tell her that i was utterly shocked with his presence. However, Alia was too busy texting to someone and never did she realise that i was in a big surprise. I really wanted to tell Alia, my best friend, that he had come back, in a very different appearance, but unfortunately, I could not open my mouth even for one centimetre! He stared into my hazel eyes, trying to tell me that it was really him. My husband!

It was a scorching afternoon, so I decided to go to Starbucks Cafe located in a very prestigious shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. I had no one to accompany me so I asked Alia out. After all, it was quite some time that I had not meet her as I was severely busy doing my job as an English lecturer in one of the top-rated universities in Malaysia. Alia did agree when I phoned her, so I headed to her apartment in Bangsar to fetch her. I was agog to meet Alia because I really wanted to tell her an utterly shocking news. My husband who left me for almost three years sent me a letter! A well-written letter with a very cursive handwriting. And the stamp outside the letter that safely reached my letterbox last two weeks showed that he posted the letter from America. Far from Malaysia. When Alia got into my black new car, I quickly told her the news. I could see her grinning face that she thought I was performing a joke. And literally, I was not! So I decided to calm down and continue our ride quietly. On the road, I gave Alia a silence treatment as a sign of my protest towards her action. I had nothing in my mind as the memory slowly rewinded in me.

I met Safwan when we were studying in a boarding school situated in Johor. I was in Form 4 and he was one-year older than me. He helped me a lot through my days in the boarding school as I had never lived in hostel before. He was the first person to say hi to me on my first day there. From that moment on, we were so close even though it brought juicy gossips among the seniors. After all, Safwan was a well-known student for his kindness and generosity. He always placed himself on top of the list whether in academic or sports. After Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia, he went to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer in one of the engineering universities funded by PETRONAS, a giant oil and gas company. The whole year before I sat for my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia went without his presence. For the next two years after that, I waited patiently for him to contact me back. And that was the moment when I was diagnosed with a kind of disease after going through a very chronic joint pain and swollen limbs. After a few medical appointments and tests, it was proven positively that I suffered Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). The disease was rarely heard among the public. Since then, the state hospital had been my 'favourite' spot to spend my time reading novels while waiting for the doctors. For every medical test that I had to do during my monthly appointments, there would be a doctor who was assigned to carry on blood tests on me. There was once that my blood was tested for 17 different specialised medical laboratories.

Since that, I could not walk for a long time, I hardly could do the house chores and sometimes I had to experience chronic headache. I finished my studies soon after that and went back to Terengganu, my hometown. It was more relaxing to live there rather than facing the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur everyday. Everything went fine when one day, while I was having a great time watching an idyllic panorama of the white-sand beach in front of my mother's house, she informed me that I was about to get married. I was shocked! I did not know anything and yes, everything was a complete blur to me. I did not know why my mother decided on such a momentous decision, but in my condition of health, it was my view that nobody would sacrifice his life to be spent with an ailing person, which happened to be me! I guessed, no man would want to marry me. Ever.

Nevertheless, my mother told me that she had found a suitable man for me. He had proposed me and my mother agreed without any hesitation! I wondered why but to be obedient, I had to marry a stranger, with a name of Safwan! The same name with my best friend from my boarding school life, a few years before. the marriage turned out to be more shocking when I finally realised that it was really him, my best friend! Safwan had come back into my life and believe it or not, he became my husband. I was delighted to marry him as he was really caring towards my needs and health. The first year of our marriage really turned me to be a spoilt princess at home.However, a year after my wedding with Safwan, he rarely got home as early as before. I noticed his changes from the way he treated me. He became more hot-tempered and that was when I finally realised that he had fully changed. Safwan was not acting like the way he should.

One fine morning, Alia told me to go to her house. I was reluctant at first, knowing that I had to drive on my own since Safwan was not home. On my way to Alia's house, I saw Safwan with a very beautiful lady who dressed in red blouse. She was a picture of perfection, with a pink blushing cheek and hour-glass body, no wonder she easily could catch my husband's attention for free! I drove nearer to the pedestrian lane where my car accelerated. I could catch a glimpse of Safwan, who seemed to realise that I was in the car, watching him cheating at my back. I drove for Alia's house and the world looked as it was turning upside-down for me. He came up a few times, trying to talk to me. i refused to listen to his explanation but to be honest, I still loved him the most. That was a very regretting decision I had ever made. One fine morning, I went home and Safwan had gone!

The letter really changed my mind. I was flabbergasted with his presence, among the crowd. I was sure he was coming back to my life and yes, I had forgive him. I smiled and nodded my head quickly, ignoring rain of tears down my cheek. Three years of waiting and he was there, walking towards me with a bouquet of red roses in his hands.

The end.

Fyi, i've added a few of new sentences in the essay. and i hope you guys yang sudi baca my essay, which kena improve a looooot lagi, would post your comments in Facebook or in this pink blog. hihi. you know, it was nice to write this essay, based on my life story, and using the important names in my life.

Alia is really my best friend, and Safwan is someone who is so special in my life. Thanks to both of you for giving me such this idea to write my essay, which was given markah terbaik in my own pencapaian for English subject.

Thank you :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


salam. is this for real? i'm turning seventeen by today. bersempena dengan 1 Muharram 1434H, i becomes older. seventeen. oh my, i have to learn to be a woman. i have to learn to be more independent. tak percaya nya. haha.

last night was a blast. gosh. i thought no one would like to remember, or wish me anything ( biasalah semua sibuk study, kan SPM) everything started last nite, when kami LPP semua kebuluran. baru pukul lapan lebih, and we decided to order makanan favourite dari luar. seperti biasa, kedai makan kat depan college is our target. i couldnt wait kononnya nak makan mihun tomyam favourite youuuuuuu! tuptup dapat call from my sorang kawan ni

' ara, barr ajak kau datang dewan selera. dia ada belikan kau nasi. dia ajak makan sekali.'

wah. rezeki. alhamdulillah my best boyfriend evaaaaa, belanja sebungkus nasi goreng USA lengkap dengan iced milo. dalam rushing gila bila tuan kedai yang kitorang tempah makanan tu call and said makanan dah siap, i quickly cabut pegi dewan selera. oh my, Abang Barr sedang tunggu dengan penuh muka manes. aha. sweetnya Abang Barr treated me with fried rice. hah ni dia kalao mahu kenal,


' ara, makanlah. aku belikan khas untuk kau.'
' tapi kenapa kau belikan untuk aku, barr?'
'laaaaa. kan haritu kau belanja aku makan. ni turn aku pulak belanja kau.'

oh my. he's damn sweet. but ya allah, i didnt have the heart to tell him bahawasanya i already tempah makanan dari luar. huuuuuu. AHMAD BARR IF YOU READ THIS, I AM SO SORRY! i became serba serbi salah on that particular time, so nodding my head was the best decision i could ever make. hihi. akhirnya, setelah berkongsi nasi tersebut dengan one of lucky person yang ada dekat area tersebut, my stomach got full. ya Allah mihun tomyam is waiting for me, and i already get my stomach full. tahan jelaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. i said my bye to Abang Barr, and rushed masuk bilik. yeah. memandangkan perut pun dah full, so i makan tak sampai separuh pun mihun tomyam and stopped. typical daily routine started, bukak laptop, kumpul ramairamai, and tengok movie. enjoyable gila. haha. 

tick tock tick tock. it was 12. and nothing happened. oh my, i waited excitedly kotkot ade hotguy nak call and wish for my birthday, muahaha. we were watching A Billionaire's First Love ramairamai, and i could see semua yang ada kat situ macam pfrnhvbfrvnrnvgbvrnjcngbv blur. aduh. nampaknya i have to keep it just to myself, oh my birthday. half an hour passed typically, and i was like, okay, nvamind. there was a few person datang hug me and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARA!! i was delighted for sure. muah muah.

since i ate too much on the night kan, perut tibatiba sakit. oh my. terjun dari katil dan keluar dari bilik, what a surprise! my classmates were there, wishing me happy birthday, siap menyanyi lagi youuuuu. oh touched. tears mula tergolekgolek keluar dari mata. ihik. sangat malu youuuu tahuuu. lepas tu pretended to be normal, rushing to the toilet. hihihihi. and bila balik bilik pun, everything seemed to be as typical as before. the story started to bore me, so i pun menuju ke tempat charge phone to check on messages. yeah! there were like thousands of mssges, i love theeeeemmmmm! yeay <3 <3 <3

reply reply reply those birthday mssges sampai jari rasa penat, even though hati sangat berbunga rianggggg, and cepatcepat balik ke bilik semula. gosh. i kena paksa pakai headscarf yang tutup mata, diikat dengan selendang hitam, oh sangat scary! i was brought around our hostel, with macammacam sound effects yang scary. eyes were closed, so i pegang kuatkuat tangan anna, and sometimes bumped dengan tong sampah hitam. haha. kelakar gila idea prank dorg. i could hear bunyi tong sampah jatuh, bunyi macam raksasa sedang mengamok, bunyi wisel yang memekakkan telinga, oh kawankawan, i curse you all baru tahu!

when they finally open the ties, wahhhhhhhhhhh! SURPRISE! there were chocolate cake, balloons, cards! oh my! i love you girls so much. thank you thank you thank you. i thought they all dah lupa my birthday. tapi tak sangka pulak it turned out to be like that. suka suka suka gilaaaaaaaaaaa!

thanks Jana Comeyy, Qilah Kepok (she sells keropok in our hostel, haha famous sebentar), Lisa Nadia, Aida Bulat, Hana Trojan, Azihan and Anna for the very memorable memory sebelum tamat sekolah ni :( thanks semua. you girls are gorgeous. you girls are damn happening. you girls are the best of the most. muah muah <3

after this, there will be no more something like this. there will be no more you girls, the same girls who watched ADA APA DENGAN CINTA di tengahtengah malam sampai sanggup berangkut ke tempat charger yang penuh nyamuk, the same girls who dare bikin kecoh di tengah kesunyian malam. oh how i will miss everything. i will.

11days to go, with you girls and guys. tak mau pisah, sobs. 

p/s : i wanna be in this college, with friends, tapi takmau belajar. is it possible?