Tuesday, 23 October 2012

my official first post.

salam. yeah i've been working with this new blog since tengah malam youuuu. and yeay alhamdulillah, Allah had ease everything for me in order to renew my blog. finally, dapat jugak update lagi about my life in blog. so i guess every single thing will have to start from the first. i have to work hard with this blog. and i really hope this blog will succeed lah, even only for my pencapaian dalaman.

therefore, in this officially new pinky blog, i would always update what comes around me during my last days in MARA Junior Science College Tumpat. and i hope this blog will always be the medium for me to cerita everything about my life in hostel walaupun selepas tak pakai uniform kuning or biru. kinda disastrous i guess. tapi mahu cerita jugak mahu cerita jugak. yeah. actually, nothing to be shared about my life sangat. tapi i just wanna tell those outsiders how i finally adapt to living in hostel yang menggerunkan even though i ni anak bongsu yang spoiled sangat. dan itu adalah dulu. muahaha.

hopefully dengan nyawa yang dibekalkan oleh Allah SWT, i will get the strength to share all my stories, as memories, living in Tumpat. as all of us, the Felix Exitus 1112, had promised to one another to keep our


oh and yea, we are having our first-batch graduation day today. a few hours to go before the grand ceremony starts. and i still dont sleep. hai tido ternganga lah kejap nanti, mahunya berjamjam dalam dewan . redah jelaaaaa.

Good morning people <3

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