Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Today is Tuesday

Assalamualaikum fellas!

Wee woot, I'm back on the track. Like seriously, harini baru dapat mengadap lappy dengan tenang setelah hampir seminggu terkocoh-kocoh setelkan a lot of things. Nak ngadap lappy pun takde masa, luckily I have my handphone with me 24/7 (tapi dek terlalu sibuk tak sempat nak ngapdet hape hape pun di Twitter or blog hins hins)

Basically I tak tahu nak bukak cerita apa. Haha macam biasa ayat introduction hampeh gua. Tapi I think it's a good thing if I travel back in time to share what kept me busy these past few days. And to shorten the story, these were what I did sepanjang hampir satu minggu ni.

Rabu - packed my stuffs up, finalized my documents, went for 8-hours journey to Jengka, Pahang
Khamis - bertolak to Kuantan, the whole day was spent at The Zenith Hotel for Tunas Potensi interview session
Jumaat - went back to Terengganu but still hectic
Sabtu - bangun tidur terus bertolak balik ke Jengka oh yes
Ahad - spent the whole day helping my sister with her assignments mwahaha
Isnin - took a bus to Shah Alam

and here I am! Alhamdulillah everything went okay and fine hoho. I guess I'll be here in Shah Alam until the end of the school holiday. And not to forget, to those yang menempah handmade pencil boxes, I'm sory guys, order and postage ditutup sementara for two weeks. Like seriously I don't wanna announce that, tapi terpaksa. Terpaksa. Huhu. Sorry ye korang.

Oh by the way, I have a quote below where you guys should hold on to. If you guys ada problem or whatsoever, put yaaa hand in the air and say saaaaaabaaaaaaarrrrrrrr yeah! Trust Allah! 

I'm going away from the keyboard so ciao!
Have a tremendous evening muchas.
Assalamualaikum :)

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